image Photo: IDF

Israel, France hold joint military drill

The Joint Eastern Breeze international exercise involved participation by the Israel Air Force (IAF) with the French Air and Space Force (FASF).

By Erin Viner

“Together, we conducted high-quality and challenging training that combined a number of elements, which resulted in improved proficiency on both sides and closer ties between the nations and militaries,” commented the Commanding Officer of Israel’s Ramon Air Force Base, who can only be identified as “Colonel G.”

The French carrier strike group arrived in the Mediterranean Sea as part of the exercise.

4 FASF Rafale aircraft and IAF F-16i aircraft from the 201st Squadron practiced defense cooperation in Israel’s skies alongside one another, said an IDF statement.

The Israeli and French air crews flew “wing-to-wing” while simulating joint strikes and the countering of aerial threats, with the overall goal to share knowledge and skills to the benefit of both militaries.

“The exercise was an important milestone in the development of the strategic cooperation between the IAF and the FASF and improved the forces’ readiness,” noted the statement.

Eastern Breeze is one of many international exercises that have been conducted recently as part of the Israeli military’s 2022 training program.