Israel: Iran Systematically Lying to the World about its True Intentions

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of Iran´s systematic efforts to lie to the world about its true regional intensions. In remarks at his weekly cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister stressed that ‘despite Iran’s efforts to deceive the world, the Islamic Republic, which seeks to destroy the Jewish state must understand that Israel is not deceived and that “it will continue to act as necessary in order to block Iran’s military entrenchment in Syria.”

Netanyahu was referring to the Secretary of the Islamic Republic’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, who claimed that Iran fulfilled 90 percent of its goals in Syria. In that same statement, Shamkhani also boasted that Israeli airstrikes on Iranian installations in the war-torn country had no strategic effect. After refuting those allegations, Netanyahu expressed a “clear message to the Iranian regime that wants to destroy Israel: Israel will continue to act as necessary in order to block Iran’s military entrenchment in Syria.”

Meanwhile, to assure the Israeli military’s freedom of operation in its northern neighbors, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that he will travel to Moscow on Wednesday for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. After postponing an earlier trip to Moscow initially-slated for last week, the Israeli leader reiterated the importance of maintaining close cooperation with Russia on regional challenges that threaten Israel’s national security interests – chief of which he stressed was Iranian aggression.

Netanyahu stated that the two leaders will also discuss “strengthening the coordination mechanism between the IDF and the Russian military, in order to preserve stability and prevent unnecessary friction in the region.” He described these talks as critical not only “for security and the IDF,” but “the State of Israel.”

A Russian Presidential Spokesman confirmed the meeting in a statement.