Israel showcases missile capable of targeting anywhere in the region

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a tour at Israel’s Aerospace Industries, during which he was briefed by top Israeli scientists on the latest developments in Israel’s technological achievements within its defense industry. Following the briefing, which according to a statement “senior officials presented the Prime Minister with ways to both strengthen Israel’s Defense industry and benefit the national security of the state of Israel”; Netanyahu, who also serves as the country’s defense minister, revealed that Israel is in the possession of domestically-developed missiles that can reach any target throughout the Middle East. In his words, “They are developing offensive missiles here that can reach anywhere in the area and any target. This is the offensive power of the State of Israel which is very important for us in all sectors. They are developing weapons systems here with special capabilities that no other country has.” While Prime Minister Netanyahu did not mention Iran or its proxies that operate in Israel’s neighbors; the statement by the Israeli leader is perceived as a clear signal to the Ayatollah regime in Tehran: “anyone who seeks to harm the state of Israel puts his life in danger.”