image Photo: Flash90

Israel to gradually reopen several commercial sectors

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accepted the National Security Council’s and Defense Ministry’s proposal to gradually reopen several commercial sectors closed due to the coronavirus crisis , subject to restrictions and precautions which are still being deliberated.

Furthermore, the cabinet approved a proposal to allow the general public to go outdoors for sports activities, up to a distance of 500 meters from one’s private’ residence.

The interim cabinet in Jerusalem is expected to approve the relief measures on Saturday night, after detailed regulations will be presented to the Ministers vis-à-vis the expected social behavior of the businesses that will be allowed to restart their operations.

In addition to the business sector, Premier Netanyahu gave instructions to prepare a plan for holding prayer quorums – in light of a request by Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, who is a member of the ultra-orthodox community in the Jewish State – to allow groups of up to 15 worshipers to prayer in open areas, while maintaining the government’s social distancing measures.