image Photo: Flash90

Israeli Police ramp up COVID restrictions enforcement

A spike of confirmed coronavirus cases has been reported by the Israeli Health Ministry, after almost two weeks of an apparent decline in the up-ward trend of newly diagnosed patients throughout the Jewish State.

The Health Ministry released its daily-accumulated data this morning, detailing 974 newly confirmed carriers, out of 11,501 individuals tested; raising the total number of sick Israelis to 12,591.  174 of whom are in critical condition.

Sadly another 16 coronavirus patients have succumbed to the disease, raising the total number of Israeli victims to 140. Contrastingly there has been a higher than usual number of recoveries in the past 24 hours, raising the total number of healed Israelis to 2,624.

Meanwhile Israel’s enforcement authorities are stepping up efforts to ensure the adherence of patients diagnosed in light condition that are combating the disease from the comfort of their respective homes. According to Superintendent Sami Rzubs, “In recent days police ratcheted-up its enforcement operations against those (corona carriers) who are in breach of quarantine. We conduct (surprise) checkups in their respective houses, to assure their complied presence. We perceive this operation as not less than life-saving activities. These people must adhere to the (health ministry’s) instructions, and to remain in their homes.”