Israel to settle accounts with its enemies, Netanyahu says

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the successful test-launch of the Advanced Arrow 3 weapons system, which is Israel’s long-range component in the country’s active three-tier anti-rocket defense-shield. During a tour of the Israel Aerospace Industries, Netanyahu – who also serves as the country’s Defense Minister – reiterated Jerusalem’s resolve “to develop the most advanced weaponry world-wide, to assure the security of the state and citizens of Israel,” while vowing to use Israel’s “clenched fist” to settle accounts with Jerusalem’s enemies. In his words, “I congratulate the successful Arrow 3 missile test. Israel has very strong defensive and offensive capabilities that are among the most advanced in the world. Our enemies who seek to destroy us should know that Israel’s clenched fist will reach all those who seek our ill and we will settle accounts with them.” The Israeli leader also took the opportunity to voice his special appreciation for the United States, which cooperates with the Jewish State in many fields of security, including in the testing a developing of defensive systems. “You can see here the American flag, not for nothing. Israel and the U.S. have the deepest cooperation between their defense industries. I would like to express special appreciation for our ally, the United States, for the security cooperation in testing and developing our defensive systems, including the Arrow missile,” Netanyahu said. It is important to note that the Arrow 3, which is a joint venture between the Israel Aerospace Industries and the U.S. Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency, provides Israel with a much-needed defensive answer to any ballistic missile threat, including missiles capable of delivering nuclear payloads.