image Photo: IDF

Israel- U.S. Navy Commandos Conclude Joint Exercise

Amid heightened tensions in the Persian Gulf, and in light of both successful and failed attempts by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to hijack Western oil-cargo’s; the U.S. and Israeli Militaries concluded a joint naval exercise this week, dubbed “Noble Rose,” when special navy commando units from both countries, including the U.S. Navy Seals and Israeli Shayetet 13, drilled several scenarios, including the commandeering of a hijacked vessel in deep waters, and rescuing a force from behind enemy lines.

While the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit told TV7 that the “Nobel Rose” exercise was part of the military’s pre-scheduled list of drills for 2019, it explained that “In the last few years, the (Israeli) navy is dealing with a variety of altering threats that demand a list of complex and challenging exercises, which test the preparedness of the naval forces in dealing with extreme and unexpected circumstances.”

It further noted that “Cooperation with foreign militaries around the world, including the United States in particular, realizes a bolstering of the professional relations and joint learning, which brings about an improvement of the level of preparedness for all the parties involved.”

The IDF also asserted that “the “Noble Rose” exercise 2019 is additional proof of the deep cooperation between the Israel Defense Forces and the United States Military, on both the level of command and the respective fighting units.”