Photo: IDF

Israeli Air Force participates in British “Cobra Warrior” exercise

The multinational exercise dubbed “Cobra Warrior” has concluded in the United Kingdom, during which over 50 fighter jets participated in dozens of aerial sorties. For the first time in history, the Israeli Air Force joined participated in the complex training alongside its counterparts from the UK, US, Italy and Germany.  IAF Commander of the Delegation, Lieutenant Colonel D, commented that the first joint exercise of IAF fighter jets over Britain “aims to strengthen the international strategic cooperation between participating nations,” adding that “ Of course for us, the air and ground crews, this is a golden opportunity to challenge ourselves in new surroundings.”

IAF Commander of Maintenance Delegation, Brigadier General Amnon Ein Dar, echoed those sentiments, saying that “This exercise is part of a successful year for the cooperation between the Israeli and British air forces – cooperation that grows tighter. In the past year we held three very significant exercises together. One with the F-35, in which the British landed in Israel. Now we are participating in the exercise “cobra warrior,” a very large, professional and advance exercise that is led by the Royal Airforce.”

According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, “The exercise was designed to maintain the competence and readiness of the forces, and was an important milestone in strengthening the strategic cooperation and international common interests between Israel and the United Kingdom.” The statement further noted that the drill “also provided opportunities of mutual learning between the various participating air forces.”