Israeli fighter-jets allegedly bombard Syria

Israel allegedly conducted deadly aerial bombardments overnight against in neighboring Syria. Reports coming out of Damascus claim that Syrian radar detected Israeli fighter-jets crossing into Lebanese airspace over Sidon at 00:30, from which a number of missiles were then fired at a central region of war-torn Syria.

A Syrian military source insisted that all the incoming projectiles were successfully intercepted, although Arab media reported that several managed to evade the country’s aerial defense systems.

According to reports that could not be verified by TV7, one Syrian soldier was killed and four others were wounded in the strikes. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Israeli aircraft launched more than 10 missiles at Syrian military installations, including the Al-Dabaa airfield in the western Homs Governate and another at Al-Shayrat in the east. Other targets were struck in the area of Kodana and Al-Qahtania in a rural area of Al-Quneitra Governorate, on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit did not confirm or deny involvement in response to TV7’s request for comment; reiterating that it will not respond to foreign reports. The military did confirm to TV7, nevertheless, that the defense establishment has banned all civilian flights in Golan airspace over 1500 meters in altitude for the coming 3 days as a precautionary measure.