Israeli Intel. firm reveals new suspected Iranian missile site in Syria

The Israeli Intelligence firm I.S.I. released satellite images which according to the firm depict a suspected missile factory that is under construction in the West Syrian town of Safita, southeast of the coastal Mediterranean city of Tarus.

According to I.S.I., the construction patterns, the compound location and the activity signs at the compound and its region, increase the probability that the site is being used for manufacturing missiles. The Israeli intelligence firm further revealed a suspected linkage between Iran and the compound, the SSM Site in Khojir Iran houses identical structures and similar road patterns.

The intelligence entity also pointed to a dirt area located about 500 meters from the site which exhibits visible marks on the ground, which I.S.I. experts say were apparently created by or attribute to heavy vehicles – possibly missile launchers.

While the I.S.I. listed several other points backing their assessment, an independent intelligence expert told TV7 – after reviewing the satellite images – that the data presented does not provide a conclusive picture. That said, the expert refrained from disputing the I.S.I. assessment and confirmed several indications that may elude to existence of missile factory. Meanwhile, a Syrian official rejected such claims, in response to TV7’s request for comment.