Israeli Minister Steinitz: ‘Any attack against Israeli installations viewed as a declaration of war’

Israeli Minister Yuval Steinitz warned that any attack against Israeli infrastructure from Syria or Lebanon will be viewed in Jerusalem as ‘a declaration of war on Israel’. The Israeli Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources further stressed that Israel does not distinguish between the Syrian government, Hezbollah or Iran – as their close cooperation makes them “one entity.” The comments by Minister Steinitz, who is a member of Israel’s security cabinet, came as a response to a threat voiced by the Iranian-proxy Hezbollah, which declared that “Anyone who harms oil and gas sites in Lebanese territorial waters, will have its sites harmed.” Hezbollah’s statement further noted that Israel is well-aware of Lebanon’s capability to exert extensive damage to Israel’s infrastructure. The warning was complemented with a picture of the natural gas rig in Israel’s Tamar field in Hezbullah’s crosshairs.