image Photo: Flash 90

Israeli PM warns Gaza war may be inevitable

Following his state visit to Russia, Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that it is possible that Jerusalem may be forced to launch a wide scale military operation against Islamist organizations in the Gaza Strip, even before upcoming national Israeli elections, which are scheduled for next Tuesday, the 17th of September.

Netanyahu stressed that the recent surge of Palestinian rocket fire from the Islamist infested Gaza Strip against Israel’s civilian communities has created a reality in which there is no option other than “to overthrow the Hamas regime.”

That said, Netanyahu stressed that he would only “launch the military operations when Israel is ready, “and not a minute earlier.” Consequently, the IDF is preparing for the possibility that rocket fire from the coastal Palestinian enclave may continue over the next several days, and even expand to include additional Israeli territory. although despite the strong statement from the Premier, so far no additional Israeli forces have been deployed to the Gazan-Israeli border region.