Photo: Reuters

Jordan enacts extreme measures to thwart corona spread

Jordan is now implementing extraordinary measures to thwart the coronavirus outbreak.

There are currently only 299 infected individuals. Whereas the Hashemite Kingdom has been conducting far fewer than the daily 7,000 tests than it’s western neighbor Israel has; a far stricter nationwide curfew has been enacted.

Even though the majority of the Kingdom’s subjects have adhered to an emergency decree on the restriction of movement signed by King Abdullah II, the lack of compliance in the Irbid Governate has resulted in its being blockaded from the rest of the country.

According Jordan’s Minister for Media Affairs, Amjad Adaileh, the drastic “precautionary measures” has completely isolated Irbid from other governates, and “no one is allowed to go in or outside it except those who are permitted.”

The blockade was received by the local population with relative understanding. “In my point of view, which is also the view of the public,” said Irbid Governorate resident, Mohammad Azabat, “the decision is very suitable so that we can curb the spread of this virus and control it.”

The Hashemite Kingdom has sealed itself from the rest of the world with the full closure of all land and sea crossings, and suspension of civilian air travel until further notice. Cargo flights and commercial overland shipments into the country, however, are still permitted. The severe restrictions have yielded success by limiting the total number fatalities to five out of an overall population of 10,407,793.