Lebanese Prime Minister calls Hezbollah military wing “illegitimate”

Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad al Hariri accused the Iranian-backed Hezbollah organization of arming itself in an illegitimate manner that caused sharp disputes in the country, embroiled in sectarian divisions. “It is important for everyone to understand: Yes, there is a disagreement in the country and a sharp dispute over Hezbollah’s arms and its involvement in Syria. There is no agreement on this issue, not in the government, not in the parliament, not on the dialogue table. But what protects the country is the consensus on the role of the army, legitimate forces and the state, and only the state,” said al-Hariri.

Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy organization that has provided President Bashar Assad with forces on the ground in the Syria conflict, a reality that according to military strategists has tipped the balance in Assad’s favor, has garnered significant military power, which even prompted Israel to change its position in which it views the internationally recognized terror group as the most significant threat to the security of the Jewish state. Senior Israeli defense official told TV7 that the IDF was closely monitoring the situation in Lebanon, as Hezbollah may even consider taking over the country by force, a reality Jerusalem could not accept and may well be forced to intervene, to assure Israel’s security on its northern front.