image Photo: Flash90

Mandelblit: no legal grounds to disqualify Netanyahu-Gantz deal

Premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud and Parliament Speaker Benny Gantz’s Blue and White parties have revised a number of clauses in their previously-signed coalition agreement, in light of criticism leveled against its ‘constitutional-legality’ during a High Court of Justice hearing, held earlier this week in Jerusalem.

Furthermore, members of the prospective national emergency government are in the process of advancing several laws, as part of a last-minute bid to accommodate the legal-requirements for numerous “problematic clauses of the coalition-agreement,” particularly in all that pertains to the rotating premiership arrangement between Netanyahu and Gantz.

Consequently, Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit amended his formal response to the High Court of Justice, underscoring that he currently saw no justifiable legal grounds for the court to disqualify either the coalition agreement in its entirety, or any of its individual clauses.

The High Court of Justice is expected to issue its final ruling on the matter – including Netanyahu’s eligibility to serve as Prime Minister despite being under criminal indictment tomorrow.