Netanyahu: archaeology provides proof of Jewish connection to Jerusalem

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked UNESCO once again, saying that archaeological findings in Jerusalem and historical documentation were sounder than all the ridicule leveled against them. At a dedication ceremony for a National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel, Netanyahu stressed that archaeological findings which the campus represented were defiant response to those attempting to deny, ignore or erase the Jewish history on the land of Israel.

“The proof that there is no connection between the people of Israel and Jerusalem to the city of David and the Temple Mount, does not exist of course.” / “There are those who deny this connection. During these days, again UNESCO reached an absurd decision, a decision that attempts to erase thousands of years of connection between the nation of Israel and the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. Our response is one, the historical truth. The historical truth of the nation of Israel, that there is not one decent and mindful man who can deny it. The archeological findings alongside historical documentation of the bible, of other scriptures, of Josephus, of Greek historians, and I will say also Muslim historians, This truth of archeological findings alongside historical documentations is stronger than all false words that are thrown at us,” stated Netanyahu.