Netanyahu orders to cut 2 million dollars of contributions to the UN in protest of anti-Israel resolutions

Israel’s Foreign Ministry was instructed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to slash 2 million dollars from Israel’s contributions to the United Nations, in protest of the adoption of four resolutions in the world body’s Human Rights Council last week, which Israel said were biased against it and portrayed the council’s true nature. Last night, Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized that Israel is changing the rules, as it is not prepared to finance attacks against it at the United Nations. 

“I am not prepared to pay for and finance the attacks against us at the UN. We are changing the rules. There are venomous attacks against us there and, therefore, I have already directed that 6-7 million dollars be cut from our UN dues (Response to UN Resolution 2334). After the vote in the UN Human Rights Council, I decided to cut another 2 million dollars. This considerable sum, almost NIS 40 million, will be transferred to the Foreign Ministry, which is doing exceptional work. They will use it to develop our relations with countries that want to be close to Israel and are cultivating friendship with it,” said Netanyahu.

The latest UN resolutions criticized Israel’s construction policy on lands the international community does not recognize as part of Israel, including in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights. They demanded Palestinians’ rights to self-determination, and accused Israel of preventing human rights of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem.