Russia reportedly obtained advanced Israeli missile

Russia has reportedly obtained an Israeli surface-to-air missile that belonged to the advanced David Sling Defense System, designed to intercept enemy aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as cruise and ballistic missiles.

According to a report by China’s Sina News Agency, following an incident in June of 2018 when the David’s Sling system was triggered after identifying hostile launches Syrian military forces retrieved an unexploded Israeli missiles that crashed onto Syrian soil due to a technical error, and delivered it to their Russian patrons.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit repeated its policy in response to TV7’s request for comment, saying it does not respond to foreign reports.

Furthermore, TV7 was not able to verify the truth behind the report with our own informed sources. That said, if proven to be true, Moscow will likely attempt to reverse-engineer the interceptor’s capabilities to develop possible ways to bypass Israel’s defense systems.