image Photo: Flash90

Shayetet 13 Unit joins battle against Corona

Amid a global shortage of ventilators, which consequently impacts the Jewish State‘s battle against the coronavirus; the Israeli Naval Commando Unit Shayetet 13 has managed to develop a solution for civilians in need of oxygen-tanks for medicinal purposes.

As part of a national effort to find a solution to the problem, which also included the participation of several IDF development units, the Shayetet 13 development teams have converted their operational production line into a medical oxygen compressing system, in accordance with the civilian required standards and protocols.

According to the Commando Unit’s Combat Medical Officer, the IFD unit has shared its successful initiative with foreign armies.

Furthermore, along with development and supply, the unit assists with the logistics and delivery of the oxygen tanks as needed. Dr. Daniel, Israeli Navy Commando CMO in reserve explained that “The unit’s development teams have converted the operational production line to produce compressed medical oxygen, according to the accepted standards. It is important to note that this production line is based on compressed gas, and not on liquid oxygen which is used by various health organizations.” Noting that “For all our partners across the world, who have containers and oxygen systems, it is possible to carry out these simple actions according to the relevant standards in order to support local health systems.”