Shooting attack along Lebanon’s border wounds IDF soldier

Less than 24 hours after an Israeli civilian was killed by errant fire along the Egyptian border, an Israeli soldier sustained light injuries yesterday from shots that were directed at a group of IDF soldiers near the border with Lebanon. Israeli troops who were engaged in routine security activity near the Lebanese border fence came under fire from a light weapon out of a vehicle that was driving on the Lebanese side of the border. One soldier sustained light injuries in his arm and was taken to the Ziv Medical center in the northern Israeli city of Safed.

IDF officials said they were certain that the shots had been fired deliberately, and that this was not a case of mistaken identity. That said, Israeli military officials said they believed that the shots were not fired by Hezbollah operatives but by a local group, whose objectives were unknown. Hezbollah officials quickly worked to ease tensions, claiming that the gunfire had been a “mistake.”