Significant Iranian entrenchment near Israel unveiled

Multiple Iranian missile sites in areas that were declared by Jerusalem as “off-limits” have been discovered and documented by a group of defected Syrian military officers.

According to a report by the Saudi-owned London-based ‘Asharq al-Awsat’ daily, the so-called “National Liberation Front” or “NLF”– which consists out of some 150 Syrian officers – have comprehensive evidence of Iran’s military entrenchment along Syria’s frontier with Israel, which includes highly advanced “precision guided” weaponry.

Among others, the report detailed NLF-evidence of an arsenal of Iranian “Fateh-110” mobile shortrange ballistic missiles that are believed capable of carrying nuclear or biological payloads, as well as “Zulfiqar” short range ballistic missiles that have cluster munition warheads with a reported 10-meter accuracy rate, in addition to Russian-made “Scud” missiles.

Furthermore, A cache of Iranian “Toophan-1” anti-tank guided missiles was also reportedly discovered at the T-4 airport in Syria’s Homs province – where an alleged Israeli airstrike is believed to have demolished an Iranian advanced weapons system just last week – after two rockets were fired towards Israel’s Mount Hermon ski resort, which is situated on the Golan Heights.

The NLF-group also claimed that additional Iranian weapons stores were located south of Damascus, east of Homs in Jubb el-Jarah, and al-Safira in Aleppo; and that the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard Corps has relocated its headquarters from Damascus to an undisclosed location in the mountains, north of the Syrian capital, due to repeated Israeli strikes.

While the Iranian Foreign Ministry did not immediately respond to TV7’s request for comment, a senior Jerusalem security official noted on condition of anonymity that Israel’s intelligence community is very much aware of Iran’s military positions and activities in Syria.