Syria tests Israel’s defensive preparedness

The Israeli military’s radar-systems detected a number of Syrian surface-to-air missiles launches toward the Jewish State yesterday afternoon, which according to the IDF spokesperson’s unit “failed to reach Israeli territory.”

While the IDF stopped short from elaborating on the incident, an informed source told TV7 that the Syrian fire was not directed at Israeli Air Force fighter-jets. Rather, the source voiced two presiding assessments regarding the multiple launches.

The first assessment pertains to Syria’s testing of Israel’s defensive preparedness, less than a week after the Israeli Air Force conducted two separate deadly bombings inside its hostile-northern-neighbor – the first against Syrian military installations in retaliation for two rockets that were fired toward Israel, while the second bombardment targeted an Iranian shipment in Syria’s T-4 airbase.

The second Israeli assessment pertains possible errant fire in Israel’s direction, as Syria continues to battle both Islamic terrorists and other smaller factions in multiple locations across the country. That said, TV7’s informed source indicated that the latter assessment is deemed less likely.