Syria: Israel committed another attack last night

Damascus has accused Israel of launching an attack on its national soil last night, causing “significant damage” to the town of Quneitra, which is located near the Israeli-Syrian border. According to Syrian officials, IDF tanks in addition to an unmanned aerial vehicle fired at a deserted hospital and a nearby observation post.

While a Syrian military source claimed that the damage was limited to materials – the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the attack was directed at areas in which Hezbollah and Iranian-backed militias are active. The Observatory further declared that four militiamen were injured, however, TV7 was unable to confirm this report.

Meanwhile, the IDF spokesperson’s unit refused to comment on TV7’s request for a response, underscoring that it does not discuss foreign reports regarding its military operations. That said, an intelligence source told TV7 that Israel is closely monitoring the situation in its northern neighbors, and that the targeting of Iranian-proxies that operate in close proximity to the Jewish state “is in line with Jerusalem’s declared red-lines.”