Syria vows to use S-300 missile Systems against Israel

Syrian deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad warmly welcomed Russia’s decision to transfer Advanced S-300 surface-to-air missile systems to the Syrian military. According to the Syrian diplomat, Damascus will use the S-300 system to defend itself against Israeli air strikes. Mekdad clarified that “The missile system is for defensive purpose and should have been transported to Syria long time ago. The tragedy of Russia’s Il 20 electronic reconnaissance aircraft proves Israel’s hostility and the support of the United States on acts that damage Syria. Therefore, we welcome such defensive assistance. These missiles are not for attacking. Israel often uses various excuses to invade Syria. When they do next time, they will have to think it over.” Moscow’s decision angered Jerusalem, which warned that the transfer of the S-300 will only bring about a further escalation in the Middle East.

Meanwhile in New York, during a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. President Donald Trump emphasized Israel’s right to act aggressively against elements that threaten its security – while signaling to Russia that the United States has Israel’s back. In his words “we are very much in favor of what Israel is doing as far as their defense is concerned, they are aggressive and they ho choice but to aggressive, it’s a very difficult part of the world. So, I just want to let Benjamin [and] let all of the people know… we are with you we are with Israel 100%.” Netanyahu took the opportunity to thank President Trump for his steady support of the Jewish state and clearly emphasized to Russia and its regional allies, that Israel will continue to do what is necessary to defend itself against Iranian aggression in Syria, Lebanon, and anywhere else. “I think everybody should understand that Israel will continue to do what is necessary and defend ourselves against Iranian aggression in Syria, in Lebanon, anywhere else. And I want to say also that we have no doubt that as we do so, we’ll enjoy the support of President Donald Trump and the United States of America. I think, and I say this objectively, that the American-Israeli alliance has never been stronger. It’s stronger than ever before under your leadership. And I look forward to working with you and your team to advance our common interests – security, prosperity and peace with Israel’s neighbors, and for the region. And we can do it with you,” Netanyahu said.