Israeli-Lebanese border seemingly calm despite IDF operation

The Israeli-Lebanese border appeared calm today, a day after Israel announced a wide-scale operation – dubbed: Northern-Shield – to “expose and thwart” cross-border attack tunnels from its northern neighbor, which were dug by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah. During a televised press conference to the nation from Jerusalem, the Israeli military’s spokesman Ronen Manelis provided visual intelligence … Read more

Three IDF soldiers injured in Palestinian ramming-attack

Three IDF soldier were injured when a vehicle driven by a Palestinian man crashed into them. The IDF spokesperson’s unit released a statement, according to which the Palestinian intentionally rammed his vehicle into the troops, who were performing engineering work on a route between Beit Ummar and Al-Arroub, which is located adjacent to the Jewish … Read more

Israel views two-state solution as ‘security threat’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that there are those that are keen on attaining temporary peace at the price of making pacifying agreements with aggressive tyrannical regimes, first and foremost, with the dangerous totalitarian regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. During remarks at a special Knesset session in honor of visiting Czech Republic President … Read more

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman tenders his resignation

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman tendered his letter of resignation this morning, which will go into effect within 48 hours. A close confidant of the outgoing Defense Minister told TV7 that Lieberman’s decision to resign and withdraw his Yisrael Beiteinu faction from the coalition originated from ongoing frustration over the Prime Minister’s indecisive decision making vis-à-vis … Read more

Israel-Hamas ceasefire decision ‘undisclosed rationale’

Following the Israeli security cabinet’s decision to seek a long-term cessation of hostilities with Hamas, which led to the resignation of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman who advocated ‘going to war’ with the Islamist organizations in the Gaza Strip; Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that during a time of crisis, a good leader must make bold … Read more

Israeli DM Liberman resigns after security cabinet decides on ceasefire with Hamas

After a six-hour meeting, the Israeli security cabinet – which is headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – announced its decision ‘to halt further air strikes and other attacks on terror installations in the Gaza Strip’, and ‘to renew Jerusalem’s efforts to reach an arrangement with the Islamist Hamas organization’. The Security Cabinet’s decision was … Read more

Palestinian Islamists launch more than 400 rockets toward Israel

After a short hiatus from last night, when Palestinians launched 17 rockets towards the Jewish state in response to an Israeli commando operation deep in the Gaza Strip’s territory; Palestinian Islamists, under the directives of Hamas, have launched more than 400 rockets towards Israel’s southern communities, in the last 24 hours. Only some 100 of … Read more

Israel-Hamas reach long-term ceasefire arrangement: report

Israel and the Islamist Hamas organization have reportedly reached an understanding regarding a long-term ceasefire arrangement, according to which there will be a gradual easing of the “Gaza blockade” in exchange for an end of all forms of violence emanating from the Palestinian enclave. According to “informed sources” that were quoted by the London-based Al-Hayat … Read more

Israel will never relinquish its security control West of Jordan

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that while Israel does not object to Palestinian aspirations to govern themselves, it will not allow a state to be formed that will threaten its security. That is why, Netanyahu underscored, Israel will never relinquish its security control over territories west of the Jordan river. “The potential solution is one … Read more