image Photo: Flash90

‘Israel also has humanitarian needs,’ says Defense Minister Bennett

Israeli Defense Minister Natali Bennett is insisting that humanitarian concerns over Gaza must also be applied to the Jewish State.

“The moment there is talk of the humanitarian world in Gaza,” said the top defense chief, it must be acknowledged that “Israel also has humanitarian needs, which are mainly the recovery of the fallen.”

The Hamas-rulers of the Palestinian enclave have held the bodies of IDF Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul hostage since they were killed in action during the Operation Protective Edge conflict between the sides in 2014.

Defense Minister Bennett underscored his belief “that we need to enter a broad dialogue about Gaza’s and our humanitarian needs. It would not be right to disconnect these things.”

Israel’s Defense Minister is generally responsible for determining conditions of prospective humanitarian assistance to all territories including the Gaza Strip, although currently that power is held by the interim government subject to the discretion of the Prime Minister, who maintains the final say.

It is important to note that Jerusalem has donated thousands of test kits and other medical equipment to Gaza, as part of a global effort to thwart the coronavirus from spreading in the Jihadist-plagued territory.