U.S. blocks UNSC condemnation of Israel

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo votes in UN security council

Now to the United Nations headquarters in New York, where the United States has once again employed its veto-power to block a U.N. Security Council statement against Israel, in which the members of the council attempted to condemn the Israeli decision to end the mandate of an international observer force that operated to-date in the … Read more

Turkey impatient regarding U.S. plan for Syria

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the United States has not yet presented his country with an acceptable plan for northeastern Syria, three weeks after U.S. President Donald Trump suggested establishing a safe-zone along the frontier. In a speech to his ruling-AK party, The Turkish leader claimed that he remained hopeful of reaching concrete … Read more

U.S. can’t ignore ongoing IS threats to West

ISIS militants

The Commanding Officer of the U.S. military’s Central Command, which oversees American military operations in the Middle East, warned that the Islamic State would pose an enduring threat to the West, following a planned U.S. withdrawal from Syria. General Joseph Votel stressed in remarks, during a Senate hearing, that the fight against the Islamic State … Read more

Iraq won’t join in U.S. battle against Iran

Adil Abdul-Mahdi Iraqi prime minister

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called U.S. President Donald Trump a ‘liar,’ after the American leader expressed his wish to keep U.S. forces in Iraq in order to monitor neighboring Iran, earlier this week.  In a statement quoted by state-run media, the Iranian president said “You say you stay in Iraq to watch Iran, while before … Read more

EU condemns Iran for destabilizing actions that deepen mistrust

EU condemns Iran for destabilizing actions

The European Union voiced “grave concern” over the Islamic Republic’s ongoing ballistic missile launches and tests and called on Iran to immediately halt activities that deepen mistrust, destabilizing the region. In a rare join-statement of EU member states, the European bloc accused Iran of continuing to “undertake efforts to increase the range and precision of … Read more

U.S. to maintain military presence in Iraq, to watch Iran

U.S army troops

Despite a decision that was made by U.S. President Donald Trump to withdraw American forces from Syria, a military presence will remain in neighboring Iraq, “to keep a close eye” over Iran, and “different parts of the trouble Middle East.” In an interview President Trump gave to CBS’s Face The Nation, the American leader reiterated … Read more

Europe announces SPV to bypass U.S. sanctions on Iran

us president donald trump and Mohammad Javad Zarif iran foreign minister

The Foreign Ministers of France, Germany and Britain announced the creation of a Special Purpose vehicle that will allow Europe to bypass international sanctions that were imposed by the United States against the Islamic Republic of Iran. During a E3 summit in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, the U.K. Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth … Read more

Israel’s offshore gas-field starts final-stage before production capability

Leviathan natural gas field israel

Yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz inaugurated a newly arrived platform jacket for the Leviathan natural gas reservoir, which is the final technical stage in preparing the offshore gas structure for extensive production capabilities. After a 28-day journey across the Atlantic, the Texas-built 98-meter-high jacket arrived in Israel, eliminating much of … Read more

U.S.: Iran responsible for Israeli air-strikes in Syria

Israeli airstrikes in Syria

U.S. National Intelligence Director Dan Coats warned that Iran’s efforts to consolidate its influence in Syria and arm its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah have elevated the risk of conflict escalation. In a hearing of top American intelligence officials to the U.S. Senate’s Intelligence Committee, the Director of National Intelligence stressed that the Iranian efforts are responsible … Read more

U.S. threatens Europe not to circumvent sanctions on Iran

EU and Iran

Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis announced, together with Iran’s Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri, that the two countries had signed several memorandums of understanding, which aim to bolster bilateral cooperation in trade and economy. In a joint-press conference with the Iranian Vice President, the Syrian Prime Minister declared the agreements struck between the two countries as … Read more