Team works overtime ahead of Christmas break – Behind the Scenes at TV7 Israel

The TV7 crew was cheered by the full-time return to the office of VP Yair Pinto as he continues to recover from his leg surgery, particularly as the past week saw a very busy schedule of taping and preparing programs ahead of the upcoming Christmas break.

Two episodes of Jerusalem Studio were recorded on Monday, the first of which is entitled “TV7 Annual review – 2021 Recap.” TV7 CEO and Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Hessen joined Editor-at-large and host of Watchmen Talk and Powers in Play Amir Oren in leading discussion on the past year’s activities with our regular panelists from Reichman University’s Institute for Counter-Terrorism; Israeli Public Diplomacy, Security, Intelligence expert Colonel (Res.) Miri Eisin and Cross-Cultural Strategist and Associate Colonel (Res.) Reuven Ben-Shalom.

The second Jerusalem Studio program, “Projections for 2022 – strategic analysis,” featured Colonel (Res.) Dr. Eran Lerman, the former Israeli Deputy National Security Advisor, who is currently the Vice President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security and a Lecturer at Shalem College in Jerusalem. He was joined on the panel by Ambassador Alon Pinkas, Israel’s former Consul General to New York and Chief of Staff to 4 Foreign Ministers.

Ambassador Pinkas also made his first appearance on TV Powers in Play, which was also recorded on Monday. He was joined by regular panelists Dr. Lerman, Col. Eisen and Col. Ben-Shalom on this third installment of our new program, which is hosted by Amir Oren.

Amir Tsarfati joined Jonathan Hessen on Tuesday for the filming of TV7 Times Observer to discuss current events in light of Biblical prophecy.

After recording the daily broadcast of TV7 Israel News, Jonathan and several of editing team flew to Helsinki to produce the latest episode of TV7 Europa Stands, featuring a group of high-level experts.

All of these episodes on our YouTube channel in the coming days, including a special TV7 Editor’s Note wishing Merry Christmas to all of our viewers.

Everyone at TV7 Israel News wishes our loyal audience a joyous holiday season and Happy New Year!

– By Aaron Hecht