Thousands partake in a Jerusalem parade, commemorating the Feast of Tabernacles

Thousands of Christian and Jews took to the streets of Jerusalem to celebrate Sukkot, the Hebrew name for the feast of Tabernacles. Police have blocked most of Jerusalem’s central streets to allow the march to pass through, leading to long traffic jams in other parts of the city. People from around the world are visiting Israel to participate in this march, with many of them attending a week-long celebration of the biblical feast, which is organized by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

“I am here with the Israeli people and all the nations from the world, here to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles, also known as Sukkot. We just love being together in the great city of Jerusalem and God bless Israel,” said Shai Casper, American Visitor.  “This is my third time here and we really love Israel, we travel, like, two or three days to get here and we do that with a lot of love in our hearts because we want to bless you guys and we want to be blessed by you guys,” said Laila, Brazilian Visitor

The largest delegation in the popular holiday parade were some 5,000 Christian pilgrims from nearly 100 nations.