Turkey to finance Palestinian resistance against Israel

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again condemned Israel for its defensive resolve along the Gaza Strip and said that if Israel’s actions were met with international acceptance, the world would devolve into chaos and be ruled by bullies. Speaking at a dinner on the first day of the Muslim month of Ramadan, the Turkish leader asserted that the majority of the international community had failed to react to the events in the Hamas-run territory, accusing the United Nations of losing its capacity to fulfil its role.

“In the face of all these events, the United Nations has ended. (It has) become exhausted and collapsed because the United Nations exist to prevail justice. Even our relation with the secretary general is very advanced, we still can not reach him. If Israel’s bullying is met with more silence, the world will rapidly be dragged into a chaos where thuggery prevails,” Tayyip Erdogan said.


President Erdogan further vowed that Turkey would enlist on behalf of the Palestinians and will put all of its resources at their disposal and would not let Israel steal Jerusalem from them.

“Even if the whole world shuts their eyes, we will not allow Israeli cruelty. We will continue to be with our Palestinian brothers not only with our hearts, but with all our resources. We will never allow Jerusalem to be stolen by Israel,” Erdogan said.


The events in Gaza have sparked a diplomatic row between Turkey and Israel, with both countries expelling each other’s senior diplomats – in what appears to mark the worst diplomatic crisis between the two regional powers since normalizing relations in 2016.