image Photo: Flash 90

U.S. condemns Iran for human rights abuses

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned Iran for human rights abuse that includes the blatant use of violence against its own citizens who protested dire economic conditions. “President Trump and I have been following closely the protests that have recently broken out across that country,” said Pompeo, adding “The Iranian people are, once again, on the streets because of the regime’s poor economic management.  And instead of addressing their grievances, Tehran has responded with violence and by blaming those outside of the country.”

The top American diplomat revealed that Iranian activists have been providing evidence of abuse by authorities to the U.S., in a joint effort by the Trump Administration and Iranian people to expose the true nature of the Ayatollah regime, which consequently establishes a legal basis for additional sanctions against the responsible Iranian officials.  “Last week, the regime shut down the internet to prevent the truth about the protests from getting out,” Pompeo said. “I asked Iranians to share their messages with the United States so we could expose and sanction abuses of the Iranian regime. We have received to date nearly 20,000 messages, videos, pictures, notes of the regime’s abuses through Telegram messaging services.”

After expressing hope further such missives will continue to be sent to Washington, Pompeo vowed “We will continue to sanction Iranian officials who are responsible for these human rights abuses, just like we did last week to Iran’s Minister of Communications.”

Further underscoring that “The Iranian regime also continues to export cruelty outside its own borders,” the Secretary of State said “Last week, an Iranian dissident, Massoud Malvi, was assassinated in Istanbul after he defected to Turkey from Iran.” He then called the killing of Mr. Malvi “yet another tragic example in a long string of suspected Iran-backed assassination attempts outside of Iranian soil.”

“The regime’s brutality and amorality know no international boundaries,” he said.

Addressing his next comments to “the courageous people of Iran who refuse to stay silent about 40 years of abuse by the ruling regime,” Secretary Pompeo stressed “The United States hears you. We support you and we will continue to stand with you in your struggle for a brighter future for your people and for your great nation.”

The Islamic Republic’s Foreign Ministry did not immediately react to TV7’s request for a response.