U.S. to continue tightening sanctions against Iran

The U.S. Ambassador For Disarmament Robert Wood clarified that Washington will continue to tighten its sanctions, in spite of the International Criminal court’s verdict, which demanded that some of the economic sanctions placed on the Islamic Republic be lifted. The U.S. Ambassador for Disarmament in Geneva said “I think yesterday’s decision on that issue was very clear, that Iran was trying to politicize the issue of sanctions and I think it is very clear what Iran’s motives are. And we will continue to tighten sanctions on Iran, and you’ll be seeing some new steps in November, and we will go from there.”The Trump Administration plans to impose new sanctions on November 4th, targeting Iran’s oil sector with the aim of stopping Iran’s involvement in the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts in addition to igniting negotiations with Tehran over its ballistic missile program. Meanwhile, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was quoted yesterday, saying that the Iranian people face difficulties caused by U.S. pressure and other domestic economic challenges. It is important to note that since the beginning of the year, the Iranian currency has lost approximately 75 percent of its value, with prices recently going as high as 190,000 Rials per 1 U.S. dollar.