Iran's Nuclear Ambitions amid latest developments - Jerusalem Studio 566

With US President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration a little over a month away, the Islamic Republic of Iran is anxiously awaiting the formulation of Biden’s cabinet and policy, as well as the correlation of forces in Washington, which could depend on the results of the two Georgia Senate contests. But even if the Republicans keep their Senate majority, they could at most block some of Biden’s nominees and initiatives, not impose any on him.
So for the time being Tehran is in a waiting mode, accumulating low-enriched uranium as a signal it could do more if it wanted, keeping its powder dry so as not to give the outgoing Trump administration a pretext for a major military strike, and prepare for a resumption of talks and the lifting of sanctions promised by Biden once the US reverts to the Obama-era line rejected by Trump.
- Jonathan Hessen, Host.
- Amir Oren, Analyst.
- Olli Heinonen, Former Deputy General IAEA and a Distinguished fellow, Stimson Center, Washington, D.C.
- Brigadier General (Res.) Yossi Kuperwasser, Project Director on Middle East Developments, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

  • Published: December 15, 2020
  • Duration: 28 min

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The program is hosted by TV7 Israel News anchor Jonathan Hessen.


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    Israel at War, Recounting the October 7th Massacre - Jerusalem Studio 810

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    Jerusalem Studio 807 - Israel At War - Geo-Strategic Assessment - October 25th

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    Jerusalem Studio 805 - Israel At War - Geo-Strategic Assessment

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    Jerusalem Studio 804 - Israel At War - Geo-Strategic Assessment

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    Jerusalem Studio - Israel at war: Strategic overview

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    Israel at War: Strategic Overview - International Support for Israel - Jerusalem Studio

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    Israel at War: Prospects of a Multi-Sector Conflagration - Strategic Assessment-Jerusalem Studio 802

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    Prospects of Israel-Saudi normalization as part of a US-Saudi Agreement - Jerusalem Studio 800

    With every passing week, the prospects of Israel-Saudi normalization appear to be improving. Jedda and Jerusalem, Riyadh and Tel Aviv are currently engaged though not yet married, as terms have yet to be finalized. The three baskets are well known: - Palestinian peace progress, - an American defense umbrella and - nuclear infrastructure potentially leading…
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    Gaza escalation: What does Hamas want? - Jerusalem Studio 799

    Over the 16-year period since the militant Islamic organization Hamas evicted the Palestinian Authority from the Gaza Strip - bringing about a series of clashes with the Israel Defense Forces - very little happened between these two adversaries without Hamas actually causing it. On the very rare occasions where Hamas was not involved, they decided…
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    Israel-European relations amid global shifts - Jerusalem Studio 798

    After its greatest ally - the United States - Israel has traditionally sought to have a healthy relationship with Europe, or at least its Western and Central parts, and the overarching idea of the European Union. Over the past few decades, the Embassy to the EU Headquarters In Brussels has been considered one of the…
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    Iran’s ballistic missile proliferation amid expiring UN restrictions - Jerusalem Studio 797

    When the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) was established in the late 1980’s, it was intended as a self-restraining political mechanism agreed to by Western states in order to avoid any competition in the sale of strategic systems to the Iran’s and Iraq’s of this world. Russia also joined MTCR at a later stage, but…
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    Prospects of Israel-Saudi normalization - Jerusalem Studio 796

    On the most basic level, the much talked-about normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel is already here. It is being considered publicly as a natural extension of Middle East realities. Rather than generating a violent Muslim, Arab or Palestinian reaction against Riyadh – as would have been feared several years ago – it is now…
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    The Abraham Accords: Three Years Anniversary - Jerusalem Studio 795

    Three years have passed since the signing of the American-brokered agreements between Israel and several Gulf and North African governments. The invocation of the name of that ancient and original Patriarch, Abraham, could have in fact been applied to all of the earlier Arab-Israeli accords, and here this title was an effective example of copywriting.…
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    Iran’s nuclear progress; Saudi Aspirations for a Nuclear Program - Jerusalem Studio 794

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    Hezbollah-Hamas-PIJ preparing for a multi-sector war vs Israel - Jerusalem Studio 793

    As early as 1964, the Arab enemies of Israel started banding together in order to gang up on the Jewish State. While each nation had their own interest and design, they nevertheless vowed to unite against a common target. Now, some six decades later, this united anti-Israel front has transformed into an Iranian-directed axis. In…
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    Israel-Gaza Tensions on the Rise; Prospects of Escalation - Jerusalem Studio 792

    There was a time when Israel had four so-called “confrontation states” with whom it had intermittent clashes, from firefights to battles to full-scale wars. Now that Egypt and Jordan are at relative peace, this leaves only Syria and Lebanon out of the original quartet. However, a fifth, or currently third, has emerged: namely Gaza. Under…
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    US Bolsters Military Mideast Deployment amid Rising Tensions - Jerusalem Studio 791

    Last month the navy of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard conducted a military exercise around the coastline of Abu Musa, one of three disputed islands strategically situated in the Straits of Hormuz. Iran unilaterally took possession of these islands some fifty years ago, however, the United Arab Emirates has made the same claim. In order to reassure…
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    What Lies Ahead For Saudi Arabia? - Jerusalem Studio 790

    Ever since the reign of the first king of Saudi Arabia, the House of Saud has been led by cautious, conservative and quite elderly Monarchs. They knew that their kingdom was weak and prone to attacks by powerful, oil-thirsty neighbors, and so walked a fine line when it came to domestic policy, taking into account…
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    Military deployments in Syria; Assessing the battlefield - Jerusalem Studio 789

    Syria was once a proud sovereign country, hostile to the designs of stronger Arab nations such as Iraq and Egypt to gain control over it by inserting their military into its territory as part of alliances. But faced with a fight for survival, Bashar Assad invited Iranian troops, Hezbollah and other proxies and eventually the…
    August 22, 2023 11302 views
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    Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles; OPCW voices deep concerns - Jerusalem Studio 788

    For the last 10 years Syria has been a Member-State of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and has undertaken obligations to get rid of all facilities and stockpiles of these horrendous means of destruction. The OPCW has a cumbersome mechanism of inquiries, fact-finding, investigations and reports. So while it was obvious to…
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    Rising U.S.-Russia Tensions in Syria; Regional Implications - Jerusalem Studio 787

    Tensions are seemingly on the increase between Russia and the US, with repeated incidents raising the prospects of miscalculation which could escalate tensions even further. Tensions such as those related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as recent provocative actions over the Black Sea, form the backdrop of our discussion focusing on whether Moscow…
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    Is a Nuclear Armed Iran Inevitable? August ‘23 Status Report - Jerusalem Studio 786

    The Non-Proliferation Treaty, signed in 1970, is reviewed every five years. There are talks ahead of this scheduled event called PrepCom (short for preparatory committee) in which the member states of this club take part. In this month’s Prepcom, the United States highlighted their concerns regarding Russia, China and North Korea. Regarding Tehran, it made…
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    U.S.-Iran tensions: prospects of escalation - Jerusalem Studio 785

    American policy in the Arabian Gulf is seemingly being conducted on two separate levels. Militarily, U.S. Air, Naval and Marine assets have deployed to the region with great fanfare, to defend shipping harassed by Iran and deter further aggression. Politically, there are persistent reports of a deal being negotiated between Washington and Tehran to contain…
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    Israel-Lebanon: security situation assessment - Jerusalem Studio 784

    Lebanon has everything nature has bestowed on it - mountains, snow tops, forests, beaches - and almost nothing designed by humans. No functioning government, no healthy economy, no cohesive society. Regrettably, it does have something to show for its troubles: Hezbollah, which lately has once again been provoking Israel, threatening renewed escalation, with whoever is…
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    Russia-U.S. tensions in the Medeast theater; threat of escalation - Jerusalem Studio

    With the U.S. reducing its military presence in the Levant to a fraction compared to the massive footprint it had in the region during the campaigns in Iraq and against Daesh, and with Russia preoccupied with its failed war in Ukraine, it would seem unlikely that tensions between the two powers would rise here, away…
    August 01, 2023 6313 views
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    Israel’s state of strategic security affairs - Jerusalem Studio

    When Israelis ponder their security challenges, they are usually torn between the frequent phenomena of terror attacks by Palestinian perpetrators and the longer-range threats from Iran and its local proxies in Lebanon and Gaza. It is also obvious that these separate challenges can converge once a minor incident escalates into a major campaign on several…
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    Russia's Internal Strife; Implications for the Mideast – Jerusalem Studio

    When Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner militia crossed its “Rubicon” the Rostov-on-Don, all decision-makers and strategic planners in the Middle East braced for a face-off between the mercenaries’ employer and Russian President Vladimir Putin. While the crisis abated as quickly as it began, the root causes remain - as are lessons begging to be learned by Israel…
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    Israel's Contribution to Europe's Security – Jerusalem Studio 783

    Until Russia invaded Ukraine 16 months ago, Europe was quite complacent regarding military threats to its nations, with particular focus on terror in its various manifestations at home and abroad. Sudden tank battles, air strikes and waging of fierce missiles and infantry fights in urban centers and rural terrain have now given rise to the…
    June 30, 2023 7831 views
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    Viability of US-Iran “Understandings” to avert Nuclear Breakout - Jerusalem Studio 782

    Eight years after six world powers struck the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to temporarily block Iran’s nuclear program in return for the removal of heavy economic sanctions, the United States and the Islamic Republic appear to be on the verge of adopting yet another arrangement aimed at resolving the same dispute. Neither time…
    June 27, 2023 7933 views
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    Israel’s preparedness for a Multi-Sector War – Jerusalem Studio 781

    The State of Israel was almost extinguished at birth when invaded by all neighboring Arab countries, with only its Western boundary of the Mediterranean Sea free from threat. Even though it was soon established as a strong local power, Israel still feared division of precious assets by battle on several fronts – a dangerous and…
    June 23, 2023 30580 views
  • 28min

    Infrastructure Sabotage - Could The Mideast Copy Europe? Jerusalem Studio 780

    Earlier this month, a huge dam on the Dnipro River, in the Kherson region occupied by Russian forces in South-Eastern Ukraine, was blown up, flooding vast areas. Each side in the war predictably blamed the other, but the weight of motive and opportunity pointed to Russia, as it was in the process of hampering the…
    June 20, 2023 4718 views
  • 28min

    US-Saudi relations amid China’s growing Mideast influence– Jerusalem Studio 779

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Saudi Arabia last week for three declared reasons: to make sure the anti-Islamic State coalition maintains its important function, confer with the Gulf Cooperation Council and to improve bilateral ties between Washington and Riyadh. Immediately prior to the summit, the top White House diplomat delivered an address to…
    June 13, 2023 6013 views
  • 28min

    Iran’s nuclear progress, do political considerations threaten IAEA scrutiny? Jerusalem Studio 778

    International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) leaders, if not necessarily its member states, have in recent weeks adopted a conciliatory tone in public approach toward Iran. IAEA Director General Dr. Rafael Grossi has been going out of his way to accept Iran’s explanations of suspicious military nuclear activities as “plausible.” There is a questionable gap between…
    June 09, 2023 7177 views
  • 28min

    Erdogan Re-elected: Domestic and Foreign implications For Turkey - Jerusalem Studio 777

    Recep Tayyep Erdogan’s second round presidential election victory was neither a surprise nor a landslide. He was widely expected to win, yet almost half of the Turkish electorate showed its displeasure by voting for the opposition. Erdogan now has a renewed popular mandate, but he must navigate carefully the stormy seas of inflation and international…
    June 06, 2023 4235 views
  • 28min

    Syria Back in The Arab Fold - Jerusalem Studio 776

    In the Middle East, as presumably almost anywhere else, nothing succeeds like success. Also, values have a very limited value. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad managed to survive very difficult years of civil war, in which he practically converted a lot of his nominal sovereignty to a free hand for his sponsors from Russia, Iran and…
    June 02, 2023 5323 views
  • 28min

    Israel’s Aerial Superiority - Jerusalem Studio 775

    When combatants either cannot or would not use their ground maneuver forces in a military campaign - and artillery is forbidden if the mission against enemy targets isn’t possible if not pinpointed and the risk of collateral damage is too high - there is only one option for use by IDF General Staff, the Israeli…
    May 30, 2023 17446 views
  • 28min

    Operation Shield & Arrow: Recap, Lessons learned – Jerusalem Studio 774

    After five days of exchanging blows, Israel and the minor but well-equipped Gaza-based organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad stopped this particular round, another in a seemingly endless series. As expected, both sides issued self-serving claims of victory. Obviously, propaganda and politics aside, they each have different standards by which to measure their respective balances, as does…
    May 23, 2023 9981 views
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