WWII veterans march through Jerusalem commemorating the allied victory over Nazi Germany

World War Two veterans commemorated in Jerusalem VE Day, the Allied Victory over Nazi Germany, with several hundreds of Jewish veterans of the allied armies parading the streets of the city. The veterans, many of them wearing their old uniforms and war medals, were joined by their families in the march toward Jerusalem’s Mount of Remembrance, where a monument stands to honor the Jewish Soldiers and Partisans of world war two.

“I came with my mother to celebrate the Victory Day. I think this is a huge day for the whole world and we need to support people who fight for us during the Second (World) War. All our family, like my grandfathers, they were in the war,” said Tatiana, VE Day march attendee.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed several Jewish Red Army war heroes to his office in Jerusalem, where he stated his appreciation for their great historic contribution in defeating the Nazi army, emphasizing the debt of the Jewish nation for their heroic contribution.

“You saved the Jewish nation. Humanity too. Humanity could have recovered, but the Jewish nation wouldn’t have. This is of course a great historic contribution.” / “We are all proud of you, I see the medal of the wars. You probably deserve them. And I know that each medal came at the cost of much blood. That is why I’m a great admirer of yours. And the nation is greatly indebted to you,” said  Netanyahu.

Following their meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, during which the Israeli leader emphasized the close relations between Washington and Jerusalem and the vital cooperation between the US Military and the IDF.

“We have a great alliance between Israel and the United States, and a great alliance between the American military and the IDF. We appreciate it, and we know that this alliance is good not only for security but for peace,” added Netanyahu.

During their meeting, which was also attended by IDF Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot; the Prime Minister introduced to the head of the US military Chief the Jewish war veterans of World War Two that served in the Red Army.