Netanyahu: Bible is our ‘present and future’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel’s unwavering love for the land, security and the Bible – the cornerstone of Israel’s existence – have secured the state’s past, present and future.

During an annual international Bible Quiz competition that is held in Jerusalem, the Israeli leader underscored his belief that the Biblical foundation of the Jewish state, has brought about the manifestation of Biblical prophesies that can be clearly identified across the lands of Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister said: “All of the promises are found in the Bible and we are fulfilling them big time, the ingathering from exile, the flowering of the wilderness, Israel’s international standing among the nations. We accomplish all of these things because of the faith and vision of Israel’s prophets and Israel’s heritage.” / “And the combination between loving the land, security and the Bible, this is the winning combination. It allows us to maintain our hold over the land, as well as a longing for the future and the resolve to defend ourselves, our future and also our past.”

Netanyahu also took the opportunity to point to the weekly Bible Study, which has held in the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem since initiated by the first Israeli leader David Ben Gurion, emphasizing that the spiritual power and inspiration  that the word of God provides him will always remain relevant, including to Israel’s present and future. “The Bible is close to my heart, and I truly and honestly believe that it is vital to our future, and that is why we also started an adult Bible quiz, and I also hold a Bible study at the Prime Minister’s Residence – named after my father in law, Shmuel Ben Artzi rest, may his memory be blessed. Shmuel participated in the first Bible that David Ben-Gurion founded, he was part of what I told you now – of a shared perspective. We (the Bible study) gather every few months, you (the audience) are all invited to come. If there is room – we will let all of you in. But it (reading the Bible) is an emotional and true thing. And always when I read the Bible, not only as part of the study but also in the weekly Torah portion- we read the Torah and the Haftarah, I always find the things that give us tremendous spiritual power. And the interesting thing is that it’s (the Bible) always relevant, always relevant, it’s really relevant to our present and our future,” Netanyahu said.