image Photo: Flash90

Alleged IDF strike on Syria arms cargo

The skies of Damascus lighted up overnight when Syria’s aerial defense array attempted to intercept salvoes of incoming missiles launched by unidentified aircraft toward Iranian weapons caches that had been temporarily stored on bases belonging to the Syrian Armed Forces (SAF).

According to Syrian reports, the bombardment was executed at approximately 10:35 PM last night.

And while a Syrian military source claimed that most of the hostile projectiles were successfully intercepted, material damage was caused in the surrounding area of Damascus.

Intelligence sources confirmed to TV7 that the targets in question were arms warehouses within SAF bases earmarked for Iranian-proxy militias.

The targeted sites were located on the southern outskirts of Syrian capital several kilometers west of the Damascus International Airport, where the Iranian weapons are believed to have been delivered in recent days.

And while Syrian officials predictably pointed an accusatory finger at Israel, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit neither confirmed nor denied the allegation of involvement in the attack following TV7’s request for comment.