image Photo: Reuters

Alleged Israeli attack on Islamic Jihad leader in Syria

In tandem with Israel’s targeted assassination of the senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander in the Gaza Strip, which occurred shortly after 4 Am; a separate airstrike took place in a residential building in the Mezza district of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Syrian state media quoted a military source as saying, “at 04:14 of Tuesday’s dawn, November 12, 2019, Israeli warplanes flying over the occupied Galilee fired three missiles towards Damascus city.” The Syrian source insisted that Syrian air defenses managed to intercept one of the hostile missiles before reaching its target. He further confirmed that “The other two missiles hit the house of the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader Akram al-Ajouri in the western Mezza neighborhood,” which according to TV7’s sources “is located adjacent to the Lebanese Embassy in Damascus.”

The unnamed Syrian source further stated that: “At 4 o’clock in the morning we heard three explosions and the glass broke and the doors opened…I saw three dead people with my eyes. There is a big material loss in cars and houses. Ten houses in this direction and ten houses in that direction.”

The alleged Israeli strike dealt severe damage to the building, and according to Syrian medical authorities, two civilians were killed and ten others were injured. The IDF spokesperson’s unit refused the confirm nor deny its responsibility, telling TV7 that it does not respond to foreign reports.