Islamic Jihad vows to strike major Israeli cities

The Gaza based, Iranian-Palestinian-proxy, Islamic Jihad, vowed to “strike major cities” across Israel, if the latter would dare assassinate members of its organization.

The threat came after the IDF published a picture of the terror group’s commander of the northern district of the Gaza Strip, who is accused by the Israeli military of instructing the launch of a rocket on Monday that exploded off the coast of a southern Israeli city.

While the IDF did not elaborate on its possible response, the rare publication of a terrorist’s image raised concerns of a possible threat of an imminent assassination attempt.

Responding to the Israeli threat, Islamic Jihad Secretary General Ziad al-Nakhala voiced his organization’s resolve to confront Israel if it would follow through on targeted assassinations. He said in a televised statement that “Any harm to the resistance regardless of their organizational positions and targeting them through organized and overnight assassinations, will face a response with all of our might. We will target large cities in return for this, regardless of any presiding or future understandings,” Al-Nakhala warned.

With regard to the deal of the century, Al-Nakhala accused the Trump Administration of attempting to bribe the Palestinian people in exchange for -what he termed as- the land of Palestine.

The Islamic jihad leader exclaimed that the Palestinians will reject any Western attempt to bring the Palestinians to term with the reality of a Jewish State and underlined that “The existence of the resistance is tied to the very existence of Israel. As long as Israel exists, resistance will continue.”

In related news, Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials travelled to Cairo for a meeting with Egyptian Intelligence officials. According to a Hamas source, the Gaza-ruling organization is seeking Egyptian assurances to preserve the terms of the truce with Israel, and demand that Jerusalem implement a second phase to the arrangement, which includes the transfer of funds to the Gaza Strip, earmarked for Palestinian families in dire need of humanitarian assistance.