Israel Hails Slovakia, Czech Republic & Hungary for Positive Measures in Jerusalem

Poland’s decision to pull-out from a summit of the Visegrad Group plus Israel, after a diplomatic dispute emerged over Israeli accusations of Polish complicity with Nazi Germany during the Holocaust; has forced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to alter his schedule and hold three separate bilateral meetings with his visiting counterparts from Slovakia, the Czech Republic … Read more

Israeli-Polish crisis deepens amid Holocaust-related accusations

polish prime minister mateusz morawiecki and Netanyahu

A summit that was scheduled to take place in Jerusalem this week, between Israel and the four Central European nations that are known as the Visegrad group, was cancelled after the Polish government withdrew from the conference in protest over Israeli remarks about Poland’s role in the Holocaust. The crisis emerged last week, after Prime … Read more

Israel freezes Palestinian taxes earmarked to support terror

Hamas militants

In the West Bank city of Ramallah, hundreds of Palestinians protested against the Israeli security cabinet’s decision to withhold around five-percent of taxes that are transferred on a monthly basis to the Palestinian Authority, over/ due to its continued financial support for convicted terrorists and their families. Under the 1993 Oslo Accords, Israel collects taxes … Read more

Most Arab States no longer view Israel as their enemy, Netanyahu says

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visit Oman

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that most Arab countries “no longer view Israel as their enemy, but (rather) view (Israel) as their indispensable ally.” In an address to the annual Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Netanyahu stressed that the factor that unites Israel with the majority of Arab countries is the ongoing … Read more

Hezbollah boasts in capability to infiltrate Israel

hassan nasrallah Hezbollah leader

The Secretary General of the Lebanese Iranian-proxy Hezbollah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, boasted over his organization’s capabilities to infiltrate Israel, despite six cross-border attack tunnels that were discovered and destroyed by the Israeli Defense Forces. In a televised address to thousands of his organization’s supporters in Beirut, Nasrallah claimed that Hezbollah has the upper hand when … Read more

Iran attests to great risk of war with Israel

Israel Vs. Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that “an historic change of great importance to Israel” took place during last week’s Warsaw summit, in which “Arab states with whom (Israel) does not have (diplomatic) relations” united with Jerusalem’s position against its main adversary, the Islamic Republic of Iran. During Jerusalem’s weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu underscored that under … Read more

Unanimous recognition of Iran’s malign nature, at Warsaw summit

The international ministerial conference on promoting a future of peace and security in the Middle East came to an end last night (past), after two days of discussions that primarily focused on the threats that emanate from the Islamic Republic of Iran. At a final press conference that sought to summarize discussions held by representatives … Read more

Crisis emerges between Israel and Poland

A crisis in Polish-Israeli relations erupted yesterday, after Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the Poles had collaborated with Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. The comment by the Israeli leader was made after a wreath-laying ceremony that was attended by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence – at the Warsaw Ghetto … Read more

Moscow urges cooperation with Iran and Turkey to end Syria conflict

President Vladimir Putin urged his Iranian and Turkish counterparts to work together to bring an end to the Syria conflict. During a trilateral summit that was held in the backdrop of the U.S.-led Warsaw conference; President Putin emphasized the importance of working together, saying: “We have done plenty together, dear friends, we have treaded a … Read more

U.S.: No peace in Middle East without confronting Iran

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that the world “cannot achieve peace and security in the Middle East without confronting Iran.” On the sidelines of the Warsaw ministerial summit, aimed at promoting a future of peace and security in the Middle East, while standing beside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the American top diplomat … Read more