image Photo: Flash90

IDF launches largescale exercise

The “Firm Hand” annual General Staff drill began today and will take place over the course of two weeks.

By Erin Viner

The exercise is being held as part of the pre-planned 2023 training program.

Training will include simulations of intense multi-arena combat in the aerial, maritime, ground, spectrum and cyber arenas aimed at testing IDF readiness for a prolonged campaign in a multitude of arenas, said a statement from the Israeli military obtained by TV7.

All active duty and reserve troops from all commands, branches and directorates will participate in the exercise focused on the simultaneous confrontation of challenges and developing incidents in a variety of scenarios.

As part of Firm Hand, the Northern Command will concentrate the first week of training on the 91st Galilee Division and the 36th Ga’ash Division in the last week.

“Additionally, the exercise will revise operative plans in civilian areas and efforts to save lives in the home front. This year, the operation of spectral control cells will be practiced for the first time. Their role is to formulate a situational evaluation in the field of spectrum warfare,” said the IDF statement, adding that “active maneuvering of security personnel will be felt throughout the country: military and armored vehicles, aircraft and naval vessels” for the next two weeks.