image Photo: Flash90

Deadly alleged IDF strike on Syria

Unidentified aircraft reportedly launched several strikes on a number of military installations south of the Syrian capital.

The bombardment occurred at approximately 10:40 PM, when a number of advanced precision-guided missiles targeted a warehouse believed to store Iranian weapons near the Damascus international airport. An Iranian facility housing Hezbollah militants in the northeastern countryside of Dara’a Governorate was hit in a separate attack.

The deployment of Syria’s aerial defense array in attempts to intercept the incoming projectiles and down the aircraft from which they were fired subsequently elicited additional strikes by dozens of surface-to-surface missiles at the Arab Republic’s military positions in the southern rural regions of al-Swida and Dara’a.

Syrian sources claimed that 3 Iranian-backed militants were killed and at least 10 others were injured in the bombardments. Extensive damage was reportedly inflicted on both Iranian and Syrian military infrastructure.

The attacks came less than 2 hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated resolve to confront Tehran’s regional aggression. During a nationally-televised address, Netanyahu said his administration “led the struggle against Iran arming itself with nuclear weapons” and that he stood “with full force against Iran” on behalf of all Israeli citizens.

The IDF declined to either confirm or deny involvement in the latest strikes on Syria in response to TV7’s request for comment.