image Photo: Flash90

Gantz signs cryptocurrency seizure order against Hamas

The third time within a year, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz signed a seizure order for cryptocurrency intended to assist the Islamist rulers of Gaza.

By Erin Viner

“We are taking all the possible measures to cut off the economic ‘oxygen supply’ to terror organizations,” said Gantz, as he executed the move.

“Tens of thousands of shekels” in cryptocurrency were seized from 12 digital accounts cryptocurrency was confiscated in a joint operation of the National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing in Israel (NBCTF), the national cyber unit of Lahav 433, and the IDF Intelligence Division, according to a statement TV7 obtained from the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMoD).

The confiscated funds included “about 30 digital wallets belonging to businesses that assisted the Al-Matchadun currency exchange company” owned by the Palestinian Shamlach family, who also owned a portion of the seized cryptocurrency.

The Shamlach family has assisted the Hamas terror organization, particularly its military wing, by funneling tens of millions of dollars each year through Al-Matchadun and other exchange companies it owns that have been designated as terror organizations.

“We continue to expand the tools to cope with terror and the companies that support it,” stated Defense Minister Gantz, as he commended the Israeli forces who carried out the mission “for their intelligence, operational and legal cooperation.”

Israel’s top defense official vowed that “all measures necessary to fight terror” will continue.