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Hamas claims ‘not interested in war with Israel’

The Islamist Hamas organization held a meeting with a visiting Egyptian delegation in the Gaza Strip, during which it emphasized that it had no interest in intensifying the tension with Israel. That said, the Hamas officials underscored to the Egyptian delegation that Israel must abide by the understandings that were reached on a cessation-of-hostilities, or else the situation would quickly deteriorate into an all-out conflagration – as was also stated by Hamas leader Ismail Haniya in a press conference before meeting with the Egyptian delegation. “If the Israeli occupation or Netanyahu thinks of an adventure against Gaza, during the Israeli elections, I think they will pay the price that will send them away,” the Hamas Chief said.

According to Gazan sources, Hamas leaders Ismail Haniya and Yahya Sinwar had told the Egyptian delegation that they would not agree to let the residents of Gaza starve because of electoral considerations in Israel. The sources noted that the Egyptian delegation is currently conveying this message to Israel and is scheduled to return to Gaza within two days with Israel’s response to Hamas’s demands.