image Photo: Flash 90

Hamas Threatens to Escalate Violence along Gaza Border

The Hamas organization has issued a threat, in which it warned Israel not to hinder the entry of Qatari-funds into the Palestinian enclave and demanded an immediate increase of the supply of electricity, or else, the Islamist Palestinian factions will escalate the violence along the Gaza-Israel border.

According to the Hezbollah-linked Al-Akhbar News Agency, a Hamas source was quoted as saying: “if the enemy does not commit to implementing the understandings, introducing Qatari funds, and increasing the amount of electricity until the end of this week, it will escalate.”

The Hamas official further mentioned Netanyahu’s reluctance to go to war with the Islamist factions in the Gaza Strip, despite the Israeli leader’s statement earlier this week, in which he insisted before traveling to Ukraine that his only consideration is the security of the Jewish State.

While TV7 was not able to corroborate the contents of Al-Akhbar’s report with our own Hamas source, a senior official of the Islamist Palestinian group told TV7 that Hamas is focused on four tasks, which include: the strategic bolstering of the Islamist group’s capabilities for the purpose of battling Israel, to fighting any American and Israeli plans with regard to Jerusalem, preserving the right-of-return for Palestinian refugees of 1948 and foiling all bids to integrate Israel into the region by means of normalizing the Jewish state’s relations with the Arab world.