Iran: Hezbollah Capable of Annihilating Israel

Commander of the Islamic revolutionary Guards Corps, Major General Hossein Salami, asserted that the Iranian proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, attained the necessary capabilities to defeat and destroy Israel in any possible war, while claiming that the Shi’ite militia could do so without any foreign assistance.

Speaking at a ceremony in Iran’s northwestern city of Urumiyeh, General Salami insinuated that despite extensive measures by the United States and its allies “to undermine Iran’s regional influence,” the international community witnessed that these efforts backfired (not a clear sentence). Consequently, Salami claimed that this U.S.-led policy increased Iran’s influence and ability to form a united front against the Jewish State.

As a result, the top IRGC commander underscored that the Lebanese Hezbollah militia has attained significant experience in recent years, as part of its active role in Tehran’s regional proxy wars, which subsequently increased its military capacity to the point that it could “wipe the Zionist regime off the map in any possible war by itself.”

The comments by General Salami came just several months after his predecessor, former IRGC Commander – Major General Ali Jafari boasted that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah has acquired highly-sophisticated means, including missiles with a range that can reach any point across Israel’s territory.

General Jafari, during a speech he made in March of this year, also praised the Islamist organizations in the Gaza Strip, which he claimed are a “unique accomplishment of the (Iran’s) Islamic Revolution.”