image Photo: Flash 90

IDF Chief: miscalculation may lead to all out war

IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi listed Israel’s regional challenges, identifying Iran’s activities in Syria and Lebanon as the main threat to the security of the Jewish State.

In excerpts from an undisclosed meeting earlier this week released by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the top Israeli general confirmed that despite Jerusalem’s presiding assessment that its enemies do not want a war (at this stage), “the situation is tense and fragile and is liable to devolve into a clash… in both the northern and southern theaters of Israel.” And while “Israel is today coping with several theaters and enemies simultaneously,” the Israeli military chief pointed to “Israel’s central strategic challenge that lies in the northern arena,” where Jerusalem has to contend with “the entrenchment of Iranian troops and others in Syria” and Hezbollah’s “precision-guided missile project” in Lebanon.

General Kochavi elaborated on the matter, saying: “In both Syria and in Lebanon, these efforts are being led by Iran, which makes use of the territory of states where governance is extremely limited.” He added that “for many years, Hezbollah has taken Lebanon hostage. It has built an army of its own (namely Hezbollah) and (the Islamic Republic) is the party that in practice, decides Lebanon’s ‘security policy.”

It is important to note that while the IDF Chief of Staff Kochavi confirmed that the Israeli military is diligently preparing for a future confrontation – only “miscalculation” by Jerusalem’s enemies could lead to an all out conflagration.

Furthermore, a source told TV7 that the remarks by Israel’s top military official were made in light of the country’s political deadlock – to remind the leaders of Israel that the Jewish State must remain vigilant amid growing regional tension and instability. Noting that the move meant to bolster the military’s public campaign for an additional military defense budget, at a time when Jerusalem functions without a budgetary mechanism, due to the absence of a functioning government.