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IDF allegedly prepares for possible Iranian attack

The IDF is reportedly bolstering its defenses over concerns that the Islamic Republic of Iran is orchestrating a retaliatory-attack in response to repeated bombardments against Tehran’s proxies in Syria and Iraq that have been attributed to Israel.

According to a report by Israel’s Army Radio, which cited unnamed sources, the IDF is concentrating its defensive preparations on countering low-altitude cruise missiles and drone strikes, similar to the projectiles that were used in the alleged Iranian attack against oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia on September 14th.

An informed source told TV7, however, that while Israeli Defense establishment is persistently preparing for any potential security threats, including those emanating from the Islamic Republic; there is no imminent apprehension regarding a concrete Iranian plan of attack. According to the source, the presiding assessment among the top echelons of the IDF is that the Jewish State will be forced into an unwanted war within two to three years. They do not believe that the Iranians are interested in testing Jerusalem’s military might, and will seek to delay the inevitable confrontation for as long as possible. The source concluded that “Israel, too, is seeking to delay the inevitable. And during the intermediate period, the IDF will aim to bolster its qualitative military edge to assure that its capabilities will overwhelm the enemies (of the Jewish State).”

The IDF spokesperson’ unit did not immediately respond to TV7’s request for comment.