image Photo: IDF

IDF drill simulates combat on Northern front

The Israeli military has just concluded a wide-scale exercise in its Northern Command along the borders with Lebanon and Syria.

IDF troops simulated a variety of challenges and threats in the Galilee and Golan Heights. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit informed TV7 that as part of improving military readiness, the pre-scheduled training included ‘a dedicated learning day,” involving the participation of “all officers from the rank of Company Commander on up.’ The purpose of the exercise was described as providing “a deeper understanding and facilitate mutual learning from the operational events that have taken place in (Israel’s) northern arena over the past few months, as well as from in-depth reviews that were conducted at all levels.” The spokesperson said the drill was also necessary ‘to relay knowledge to all of Israel’s military commanders and to deepen the understanding of the volatile region.’

The IDF underscored that the drill is an essential component of the Israeli military’s 2019 preparedness plan, and represents a significant milestone for preserving a rapid response by the Northern Command to emergencies or wartime scenarios.

Meanwhile, the IDF Chief of the General Staff this morning launched its third surprise exercise this year to evaluate military operations and actions to confront a significant cyber-attack in the event of a forced-closure of all main information systems. Hundreds of command and control systems at various IDF units were shut down during the course of the drill, which is ongoing at this time.

Turning to Israel’s frontier with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, where an armed Palestinian-Islamist was spotted approaching the security barrier in the southern part of the enclave. The IDF that after the suspect attempted to infiltrate the  Jewish State targeted, he was targeted by Israeli aircraft which confirmed a direct hit.

Despite the incident, there has been no change in the safety advisories issued to the residents of Israeli communities bordering the Hamas territory.