Iran conducts daily cyber-attacks against Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that the Islamic Republic of Iran conducts daily cyber-attacks against Israel, as part of Tehran’s offensive campaign against the Jewish state. In an address to an annual Cybertech Conference that is taking place in the central Israeli city of Tel Aviv, Netanyahu stressed that while the Islamic Republic aspires to target Jerusalem’s vital infrastructure, Israel – which maintains unmatched cyber-security infrastructure – successfully foils these attacks, time and again. According to the Israeli leader, “Iran (cyber) attacks Israel on a daily basis. We monitor these attacks. We see these attacks and we foil these attacks all the time.” / “But the important thing is that any country can be attacked today with cyber-attacks and every country needs the combination of a national cyber defense effort and a robust cyber security industry. And I think Israel has that and has that in ways that are in many ways unmatched.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu also took the opportunity to respond to a threat that was made earlier this week by the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guards, in which it once again vowed to annihilate the Jewish State. Netanyahu stressed that he is not impressed by the threats, as he is well aware of Israel’s military superiority, both in defensive and offensive capabilities, by saying: “Iran threatens us in many other ways. They have issued in the last 24 hours threats that say that they’ll destroy us, they’ll target our cities with missiles. We’re not oblivious to these threats. They don’t impress us because we know what our power is both in defense and in offense.” The Israeli leader referred to a threat that was made by the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, who announced on Monday that “if Israel takes any action to wage a war against (Iran), it will definitely lead to its own elimination and the freeing of occupied territories.” Brigadier General Hossein Salami further stressed that the Islamic Republic’s “strategy is to erase Israel from the global political map,” while underscoring that “the Israelis will not have even a cemetery in Palestine to bury their own corpses.”