image Photo: Flash 90

IDF Foils Repeated Gaza Infiltration Attempts

The Islamist Hamas organization issued a statement threatening Israel with dire consequences for its actions on the Temple Mount over the weekend, while simultaneously praising Muslim residents of Jerusalem for their resistance of Israeli security forces. Alongside Hamas, its primary ally in Gaza, the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad issued its own statement calling for an escalation of the Intifada – the Arabic term for a violent uprising – and general Palestinian resistance, which it described as the only way to respond to what it views as ‘Israel’s crimes and aggression.’

Meanwhile, the IDF thwarted several attempts by Islamist militants from the Gaza Strip to infiltrate Israel. A cell of four armed Islamists was spotted near the border security fence around 4 a.m. on Saturday morning. An IDF force dispatched to the area opened fire toward the squad during its efforts to cross, successfully neutralizing all the Palestinians. No injuries were reported among the Israeli troops. Gazan officials claimed that the casualties were ‘Salafist renegades,’ who had been expelled from the military arm of Hamas three months ago.

In a separate incident early Sunday morning, a single Palestinian Islamist was detected approaching the security barrier with Israel in the northern Gaza Strip. According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, “the terrorist opened fire towards the troops,” and was neutralized after troops shot back. In addition, an IDF tank targeted a post belonging to the Islamist Hamas organization. There was no immediate comment from Palestinian officials or from Gaza’s Islamist organizations. No injuries were reported among the IDF forces, and the Israeli army reiterated in a statement that it views the Islamist Hamas organization as solely responsible for any attacks that emanate from the terror-infested Palestinian enclave.